Petition for NSERC to reinstate the Special Research Opportunities (SRO) grants program

Josh Neufeld
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NSERC invests in discovery-based research programs and applied research initiatives through its Discovery Grants and Strategic Project Grants programs, respectively. However, Canadian scientists are unable to pursue opportunities that are "unique, unforeseen, and outside the normal evolution and advancement of a longer term research program...timely and linked to a window of opportunity that did not exist a year ago, and will not exist in the future" (former NSERC SRO website).

We the undersigned petition that NSERC reinstate the Special Research Opportunities program, which filled a critical niche in promoting research projects that are "novel, high risk, or have a strong potential for breakthrough" and that have the "potential to lead to a significant new collaborative project of benefit to Canada" (former NSERC SRO website).

On behalf of the signees below, this petition will be delivered to the NSERC Council and its chair, Dr. Suzanne Fortier, on March 31, 2011.


Former NSERC SRO website.

Letter from Dr. Suzanne Fortier explaining NSERC program restructuring due to Budget 2009.



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