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Obtaining Signatures in Support of Our Suggested Final Exam Format for NSE 31

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This survey is being used to obtain your support to change the NSE31 final exam format to being 100% multiple choice. We are asking for your support for the following petition. Please "sign" your approval for this petition by entering your first and last name & e-mail address. Dear Corrine Hart, Josephine Wong, Annette Bailey and Susanna Edwards, This letter is intended as a petition requesting that there be no short answer/essay format questions on the NSE 31 final examination. This includes multiple choice questions that would ask for a rationale for each answer. The reasons for this are: - We have now taken 5 1/2 terms of theory courses, consisting of midterms, Fall and Winter exams, all of which were exclusively multiple choice exams. - Other nursing courses have also given us extremely limited exposure to exams that were not 100% multiple choice. - Previous explanations for having multiple choice midterms and exams were to prepare us for the CRNE, which is multiple choice. - Due to the focus we have had on writing multiple choice exams, it is unfair to change the format of the final exam due to the limited exposure that we have had to prepare for non-multiple choice exams. - There is also virtually no opportunity for student learning from writing a final exam that has essay/short answer components. For all intents and purposes there is little opportunity for us to review the marking of our exams, obtain feedback, and to have the opportunity to learn or improve from this experience. - Students are also uncomfortable with the subjective nature of marking short answer/essay format exams and ensuring consistency of marking between different professors. Multiple choice exams are not open to interpretation during the marking process and thus we feel this is a more objective assessment of our knowledge. - If short answer/essay questions were to be an assessment method of our knowledge for this course, this format should have been introduced in one of the earlier 3 exams that we had written for this course, not in our final and most critical exam. Please reconsider your decision to introduce an unfamiliar format in our final examination as we feel this is neither fair nor a reasonable method for evaluating our learning for this course. Thank you for your consideration of this important matter, Students of NSE 31


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