Improve our Student Union and bar at NSAD

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We the Student Union believe that the students deserve a fully functioning recreational space and bar while we are studying at NSAD. This petition will be sent out to all students of Norwich School of Art and Design. We all now pay and fall into debt for our higher education. Come 2006 tuition fees will rise, and even more student will be recruted. The school is not responding to our right for a strong Student Union and Bar. We need to fight for funding to be put into place to accomodate this rise in numbers and also our right to have a good S.U while at college. I think the existance of a union bar at Norwich Art School is important as it is a forum for disscusion, it is a place for inspiration to grow and ideas to form. It is also a place where we can discover more about ourselves and others.For many of us it is our first time away from home. The NSAD Union Bar has been a place to make friends and relax from the pressures of college. The bar and Union close at 10.30pm Mon-Thur and 5.30pm Friday.The opening times have only, in the last year, been alowed to stretch to 10.30.It used to be 7.00! I am concerned because there have been reports of drinks being spiked.This takes place in venues that we have to use after our union shuts. We need a secure, freindly and above all safe venue to use while studying at NSAD. At this moment in time the brewery who run the bar do not put any of their profits (!your money!) back into the S.U. We wish to change this out of date mangement and bring in the new. If managment was changed the Student Union should recieve a % of the bars profit (and there we have our extra funds). This would go towards; later opening hours (which means we could stay open as long as the pubs do!), more equipment (sound system, projectors ect) for events, parties and fund raisers, wider variaty of stock being sold behind the bar, a revamp in decor and furnishings-(sofas,seating) and more staff. More staff would mean better organisation and a smoother running of large events such as the degree show and East International, as well as ensureing a safer environment. If we had a functioning venue and decent equipment we could host up and coming bands as well as the creme of the crop from NSAD and Norwich. There is no doubt that the S.U space is unique and beautiful which is very fitting for an art school. Its potential is endless but has never been realised. Our student union could shine above other venues in Norwich but we need to work together to make this happen. The NSAD bar is run by student for students and this petition is not going to harm that. It is important to uphold the independance and individuality which makes our union (and our art school) so unique. We will never go down the big corporate road that so many other unions have. We the Student Union believe that it is your right, as paying students, to have a student bar and union that will serve our ever growing needs and be something we are proud to be part of. I urge you to sign and respond to this petition as you, the student body of NSAD, can be the united driving force behind much needed change. Dulcie Cramp, S.U. President, Norwich School of Art and Design


This Petition has been put together by NSAD Student Union and Dulcie Cramp, Student Union President.
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