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NO to proposed Medicaid cuts

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Governor and The Legislature,


           The proposed budget to completely eliminate Medicaid funding in-home Personal Care Services can not be considered. First: When a person has had an accident, has become ill and our elderly need care, the best place for them is to keep them in their own home setting as long as they are able. Giving them a chance to stay independent and keep their dignity is one of the most important humanitarian actions you can do. These people have not wished to have an accident, become ill, and our elderly certainly have a right to  stay in their own home. If you propose this cut, are you considering the possibility that some of these patients may end up in our streets or in worse condition. Second: Also consider the job cuts this will cause. Do you want more people on unemployment? I don't believe that this budget cut that you are considering will help the economy, as a matter of fact, it will only make things worse. In conclusion, please reconsider the proposed budget cut for the funding of Personal Care Services. Please consider how it will change ones' future and possibly yours.





  • 6 years ago
    uldztuv Netherlands
    6 years ago
  • 6 years ago
    Stephanie Hernandez United States
    6 years ago

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