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NO TERRORIST TRIALS IN NEW YORK COURTS AG Holder and President Obama have made an absurd decicison and it must be reversed. This petition is proffered in the economic sense and "common sense" should/must prevail. We should not and cannot 'AFFORD' to hold these trials in New York. Dollars and cents, country's broke, we don't need to waste money, ATTORNEYS,TRAVEL,SECURITY,DELUXE ACCOMODATIONS FOR OUR GUESTS, KSM Then we would have to buy a prison in ILLINOIS for $2 BILLION that we can't afford. This is our TAX DOLLARS, and we're going to waste all this money on five POW's. We have them contained at GITMO which we should keep open, try them in the now Supreme Court approved court process and facilities. Any further dispensation regarding "detainees" can be attended to at GITMO. The US population and the world at large can rest in peace, justice will be delivered and at a resonable cost. If you agree please sign this petition to President Obama, AG Holder, US Senate and the House of REPRESENTATIVES. NOT ON MY NICKEL, NO NEW YORK CIVIL TRIAL FOR KSM ET.AL. Please reverse this ill conceived decision! Respectfully, Lindsay Bodwell Llano, Texas


Petition sponsor is Retired US Navy SeeBee Diver that will not accept, if I can help it, having terrorists captured overseas tried in New York civil court at my and your expense. This government expenditure is craziness. Not to mention, what are you gonna do with them after the trial Somehow I see 12 years of appeals after the 4 years of trials. Your support of this petition is greatly appreciated. Let's hope we can turn this atrocity around. You can find petition at




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    Robert J Schmidt United States
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    John Hunter United States
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    JCB United States
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