close the local gang hangout

Boyd Garmany
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There is a gang hangout on carver rd. It is a small proprieter across the street from garrison park.everybody else in this area runs these kids off .but for some reason ___ lets them just hang out and run the store and intimidate every person they come in contact with.not to mention garrison park that they are trying to totally take over.They hang at the park and wait for kids they dont like and pick fights .when they cant handle it they call all there members and pull knives .ive seen it first class .I KNOW. We as citizens need to stand together and let ___ know that he needs to run these little hoods off or we as a majority will RUN HIM AND HIS BUSSINESS OFF. In addition  just today 11/28/2010 they have force a small business that was to benefit our  kids to close its doors before it could even open .This little shop could have provided a place for our kids to go and keep them off the streets . Now i ask how wrong is that?????????





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