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Stop Facebook From Disabling Members Accounts

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Over the past few weeks facebook has arbitrarily began disabling, banning and blocking member's accounts. In most cases, this is happening to those that play a certain game which requires them to add new friends in order to play the game. Oddly enough, facebook has this game as well as a fan page for members to go and add friends, yet now they are penalizing their members for using a program or playing a game that they put on their site for our use! This was not a problem in the past, now more and more people are receiving warnings and 'pink slips', and some are having their accounts disabled with no warning at all. I personally had my account disabled for 2 weeks, when I was finally able to post again I get another 'warning' from them and for what I don't know. After emailing 4 different departments at facebook, I was told something about sending too many messages; sending harassing or threatening messages and again directed to their rules. NONE of these things applied to me, so I insisted on seeing a copy of the message I had sent, but of course they couldn't provide it because it didn't exist. I told them I refused to be targeted (along with many others) and wanted it to stop. When asked for the illusive message which does not exist, this is what I was told: "Unfortunately, for technical and security reasons, we are unable to provide further details regarding your warning.". This is a social network, yet we are being punished for doing just what the site was set up for us to do. When you try and reach facebook for an explanation, all you get is a reply (if you get one at all) referring you to their rules. I have yet to get a response stating exactly what I've done, and if I'm not mistaken when a person is accused of something they have the right to know what it is that they are being accused of. I believe Facebook is in over its head as far as having too many members, and they do not have the servers to accommodate these folks. In my opinion they are disabling accounts for awhile to slow down the traffic on their site until they are able to handle all the new member. I could be wrong, but it sounds plausible. We need to take action and let them know how we feel, if they block or ban me for expressing my views and concerns through this petition, then in my opinion it just proves that they are in the wrong and something should be done about it. Please join me in letting them know how we feel, and that we should be told what rules we've broken as well as have someone answer our questions instead of quoting their 'rules', which is vague at best. Thank you, and please don't be afraid to sign the petition because you believe facebook will retaliate--that will only give us more power to fight the wrong and make it right.

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