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Allow Firearms With Modern Features

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Whereas many people, the overwhelming majority of whom are undoubtedly well-intentioned, lack knowledge and understanding of and experience with firearm technology; and
Whereas like any other technology, firearms have mechanical features and characteristics the purpose and function of which are not readily apparent to people without firearm knowledge, understanding, and experience; and
Whereas pistol grips and thumbhole stocks are important ergonomic features which allow a hunter, competitive target shooter, or recreational target shooter to hold a rifle or shotgun with a firm grip with the wrist in a natural position and squeeze the trigger straight backward for more precise aim; and
Whereas a rifle or shotgun stock that may be adjusted to multiple lengths to better fit shooters with different length arms improves comfortability for and helps improve the marksmanship of shooters; and
Whereas a rifle or shotgun stock that can be folded enables more compact storage; and
Whereas a muzzle break offsets the tendency of a muzzle (the front end of a barrel) to rise upward due to recoil; and
Whereas a bayonet is a close range arm that is invaluable for the defense of a home if a burglar or home invader is close enough for a resident to avoid discharging a rifle; and
Whereas a compensator reduces the noise from discharging a rifle, shotgun or pistol, thus reducing annoyance to nearby neighbors when shooting at a range on residential premises with all proper safety precautions in place; and
Whereas a magazine for a pistol which is chambered in a caliber for which ammunition cartridges are too long to fit within an ordinary grip must be attached outside the grip; and
Whereas the more mass a pistol has, the lower the recoil from any given caliber of ammunition is; and
Whereas the ability to grip a pistol with a second hand aids with stability and marksmanship;
Therefore, we the undersigned New York State residents or visitors hereby demand that none of the foregoing features or characteristics be categorized in any manner which makes or tends to make any shotgun, rifle, or pistol with such features unlawful to possess by a person who may otherwise lawfully possess shotguns, rifles, and/or pistols.


Max Kessler


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