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It's Time to Fight Back!

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Business and property value losses if wind turbines come to the County.

The Green Energy Act has deliberately robbed us of our democratic rights.

Your escalating hydro bill reflects many of the costs of all the government’s

mistakes and lack of basic common sense. It’s time to consider an additional,

new, approach to fight the threatened industrialization of the County.

9 turbines at Ostrander Point, plus 29 in Phase 1 of WPD White Pines, plus

another 38 possible in Phase 2 will cut a deadly swath through South Marysburgh

and Athol and its Important Bird Area. Add to that the 28 kilometre

transmission line joining most of them to the Hydro station north of Picton

and the County’s rural character will change forever.

Tourism-based businesses form a significant sector of the County’s economy.

If they fail, other businesses will struggle and fail. Visitors are attracted by our

magnificent scenery, our hospitality industry, our relaxed way of life and by

the total contrast with urban stress.

Industrial wind turbines as high as a 50 storey skyscraper are not a tourist

attraction. If built in the County they will impose an overwhelming industrial

presence on our magnificent scenery. One of the most important bird, bat and

butterfly migration paths in Ontario will be decimated. Can anyone seriously

believe that industrial wind turbine factories will not hurt the tourism business

that so many have worked long and hard to build?

Wind turbines go up – property values go down

Despite the propaganda of the wind industry, it has been proven in Ontario

and elsewhere that where industrial wind turbines have been constructed,

property values go down.

The most recent study was by the globally recognized

London School of Economics; overall property losses could range

between 11 per cent and 50 percent to - in extreme cases - unsaleable.

Loss of property value will immediately affect property owners in South

Marysburgh and Athol with a ripple effect to property owners throughout the

County. In addition, Realtors will suffer and the property tax base will decrease

as assessments are inevitably reduced. This is only the start; if these initial

projects are constructed others may follow.

Yes, it’s time to fight back, in a new way!

Here’s what you can do. The Supreme Court of Canada in a landmark decision

confirmed the right to compensation of anybody who has suffered a business

loss or lessening of property value because of the construction of something

authorized by statute, by proving the amount of that loss to the Ontario

Municipal Board. In our case, this would be construction of industrial wind

turbine factories as authorized by the infamous Green Energy Act.

Sign this petition to Gilead, to WPD and to Queen’s Park (including

the Premier), stating that you are considering claiming for compensation

before the Ontario Municipal Board if turbines and transmission lines are

constructed in the County. This is particularly important for owners in the

south part of the County who will be first affected.

The government and wind developers need to be put on notice that their

actions will have consequences. Hundreds of Ontario property and business

owners threatening action could overwhelm the time and resources

of the Ontario Municipal Board and have the potential for the award of

millions of dollars of compensation. This action may be a significant deterrent

to Wind companies and Queen’s Park proceeding with Wind Turbines

in the County.

Sending such a letter does NOT commit the writer to any further action.

If the turbines are still built despite this campaign, only then need you

decide whether or not to proceed.

You can add your name and address to this petition, sign and tell Gilead Corporation, WPD

Canada, Premier of Ontario, Minister of Energy, Minister of the Environment

The following:

“If the Ostrander Point and White Pine industrial wind turbine factories and transmission

lines are constructed in Prince Edward County, tourism will diminish,

businesses will suffer and property values will go down.

Accordingly, take notice that if any such construction takes place I may bring a

claim for substantial compensation before the Ontario Municipal Board.”

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