Independent “Not for profit” school tuition tax exemption

Jason Bulch
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Parents that send their children to independent, not for profit schools should be able to claim the tuition as a tax deduction.

The typical family that joins a community of a not for profit school is one which can not afford excess luxuries.  (Many families in this type of school receive need-based tuition assistance.)  We recognize we live in a privileged country, and that those privileges are afforded through a (somewhat) equal tax system which requires everyone to contribute to the public education system.  We do however believe that for those of us who feel their children are better matched to a different schooling approach, that we should be offered a tax deduction on the tuition we pay to a not for profit school if we are still required to pay the education tax to a system we do not use.  Not only do the not for profit schools take some pressure from the public school system, these schools also offer choices for parents and children and create more jobs in our community.  The families that join these schools willingly make personal sacrifices.  We are lucky to have the option, and there are many benefits but it often comes at a cost.

Being offered a tax deduction would make the option of joining a not for profit school much more accessible to those who could otherwise not join such a school.  In some cases it would also afford the families that are choosing an alternative school the options of using the money saved in taxes to join in extra-curricular activities (sports, art or music groups for example) which they could otherwise not afford.  

Please help us encourage the government to allow independent “not for profit” school tuition as a tax deduction.  Please sign this petition by May 31st and we will send to our local MP, Ted Hsu to start.





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