No to the Summer Creek Trail Extension!

Heidi Brenneman
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We, the residents and citizens of Tigard residing in the area surrounding Summer Creek, hereby request that you remove the planned Summer Creek Trail and any plans for a bridge over Summer Creek at 116th from the Tigard Park System Master Plan updated in 2009, the Tigard Greenway Trail Master Plan as well as the Tigard 2035 Master Transportation Plan based on the following issues:


  • The greenway along the trail is a major wildlife corridor with sensitive wetlands that cannot be replicated, reproduced or replaced within the City. 
  • The area along the creek has proved year after year to be flood prone which will make upkeep and maintenance of any trail system through the area both expensive and continuous.
  • The cost of the bridge at 116th was estimated at nearly $400,000 but provides little significant connectivity.
  • The wildlife inhabiting the greenspace is an important part of OUR quality of life.
  • Privacy and security of the residents bordering Summer Creek would be significantly and adversly impacted by a trail as many properties have no opportunities for fencing due to the course of the flooding experienced each year.
  • Residents along the creek do not wish to grant easements allowing trail construction and access through their private property.  Our property and privacy is an important part of OUR quality of life.
  • Summer Creek is a fish bearing stream which could again carry Steelhead and Cutthroat Trout.  Encroachment, increased pollution and/or alterations of this stream's hydraulics will only harm the chance of rehabilitation.
  • The greenspace and creek are home to two identified species listed on the ODFW lists for sensitive or critical species.  These are the Western Painted Turtle and the Northern Red-Legged Frog.  Putting a trail in this area is contrary to your policy number 2 which states, "The city shall design and build greenway trails and paths to minimize their impact on the environment, including wildlife corridors and on rare, and state or federally listed species."




Click the link to Facebook for more information about the proposed Summer Creek Trail Extension including photos, city documents, City Council Meetings, and discussion.!/pages/Fans-of-Summer-Creek/101863176551868




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