I Support the proposed Northumberland OHV Park

Scott Kramer
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To: The Commissioners ofNorthumberland County, Pennsylvania

We, the undersigned, support the creation of the proposed OHV (Off Highway Vehicle) park which encompasses multiple municipalities located in Southern Northumberland County (Coal Township, Zerbe Township, Mount Carmel Township, East Cameron Township, West Cameron Township, and City of Shamokin).

Northumberland County's OHV Recreation Park is currently in the planning phase. The proposed plan for the park is to convert 6,000 acres of county owned, abandoned coal lands and transform the area to an all encompassing outdoor recreation park that will benefit not only the community, but become a state and national tourist destination. In addition to creating a positive economic impact for the area, it will maintain the integrity of the coal region heritage for generations to come, by creating a safe legal outdoor recreation park. In addition to ATV and OHV use, the proposed plan for the park is to include many activities for all ages such as: Mountain Biking, Hunting, Hiking, Camping, and Horseback Riding.

In conclusion, we the undersigned, fully support the creation of this park and welcome all the positive impacts on the surrounding communities it will generate.

The Undersigned

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