North Plains Village Resident Petition to end Travis Brand, Jeff Jacobs from bullying.

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After reading "Water Issues from Gigi Restaurant and Darlene Flower Shop," dated August 22nd, 2013. I, a resident of North Plains Village, agreed that the tenant and landlord of property located at 105 N Plains Rd, The Plains, OH 45780 has neglected to bring the storm water run offs from their properly under control, intentionally causing run offs to flow towards 109 N Plains Rd (aka North Plains Village). Run offs remain stagnant in the ditch dug by Jeff's crew. The stagnant water can cause mosquitoes, insects and bacteria to multiply in warm and humid conditions, potentially affecting health of residents located at North Plains Village as well as residents around the above property and patrons of the restaurant. The Athens County Health Officials, Ohio Attorney General and Athens City Officials need to investigate their inappropriate actions as well as multiple baseless and harassing accusations from the office of Eslocker, Premus & Ryan Co., L.P.A. located at 16 W. State St, Athens, OH 45701.