North Louisiana Off-Track Petition

Jessica Wynn
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The South- it is known for its extreme culture that has a unique relationship with mother nature. Our country roots have a history of off-road activities that includes a variety of off-road vehicles such as atvs, dirt bikes, baha trucks, 4x4s, and more. A number of activities are capable with such hardcore gear, such as mudding and racing, but no matter which, us country folk sure love to get down & dirty while having fun. Tearing the mud up!! :) A few of us have a dream of opening a huge off-road track "park" that would be located in the middle of the country and contain every type of track southerner could dream off, from dirt tracks to mud holes. before this can happen, we need to know how many of us Northern Louisianans would support such a project. Knowing such numbers would give us the data needed for research, development, funding, etc. So please sign the petition today!!