Save the old Town & Country Cinema

Lisa Mettler
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North County locals may remember the old Town & Country Cinema located @ 2253 S.El Camino Real in Oceanside. This building has sat empty since 1999/2000 & is a prime example of the sad, stale state our entertainment in this town has come to. The lack of operating shops surrounding this theater is proof more businesses will face the same fate & render this area as just another ghost town. After speaking with the property management I was informed this prime property would most likely turn into another boring supermarket, or worse, be bulldozed to the ground. The purpose of this petition is to save this building from being destroyed so it can be transformed into North Countys version of SOMA, an entertainment venue where artists of ALL AGES would be proud to call home & pump some much needed life back into this community. PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION & help give what could be North Countys biggest Entertainment Venue the voice it needs to be heard. Thank you :)




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