Petition to Abolish the New Scoring System at CCA

Dan Kurt
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We the undersigned believe that the recent introduction of Canton Charter Academy's new grading policy is not an effective tool to assess and motivate our children.  The switch from traditional A, B, C, D grading systems to a new Standards Based Scoring System, makes it impossible to motivate and encourage students to work harder to achieve better grades.  Furthermore, the fact that homework does not count toward a grade, either positively or negatively, is not teaching our children proper study habits in prepartion for future eduction. 

This Standard Based System does not benefit the overachiever or the underachiever.  It does not motivate students on either end of the educational spectrum to strive for anything more than meeting the standard.  We expect more from our children and their education.

As parents of students in Canton Charter Academy we demand more than an average education for our children.  We are asking for support in ensuring that the grading system remains a tool for assessing a student's accomplishments and a method of motivating them to work harder.  Bring back the grading system that worked so well since the inception of Canton Charter Academy for all of us Parents and several generations of students before us.  Please join us in signing this petition to let National Heritage Academies know how strongly we feel about our children's education.  We must maintain the superior standard that Canton Charter Academy has consistently achieved in the past and motivate our students to always strive for excellence.  Therefore, we cannot allow our children to be graded with this standard based system.





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