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This petition is for non-payment to network providers with Malcolm X Daycare Center.  It's a lot of stress for providers who continue to work for the parents and children even though our wages have dried up.  I'm a single mother, this is my only source of income, and I dont have nobody helping me.  My landlord has already taken me to court for non-payment of rent.  I want my money.  People dont have money to feed their families.  We are very angry and we are living paycheck to paycheck.  Providers were informed by ACS that the center has received money up until September 24, 2012 and should have money to pay the providers according to their budget. In September, ACS informed us that Malcolm X Daycare Center would not be funded until it paid up money that was owed from parents fees that Malcolm X was responsible for paying.  Providers did not get paid until the end of September for services provided for the month of August.  Now we were due to get paid on October 5, 2012, and to no avail was told there is no money to pay us.  We've got families to take care of.  It's crazy.  They want us to work, but we aren't getting paid.  It's been stressful, really stressful.  Providers rent hasn't been paid, car note is due, car insurance is due, everything, and yet we refuse to abandon the children we work with every day.  We are still coming to work because we still have a job to do.  Many of us has had to rely on financial help from family and charities.  It's very discouraging... You put in work, you want to be here for the children, you make sure that they have what they need, but you know we have our own needs.  We want to get paid and need to know when we're going to get paid.  That we're going to get paid timely every month on time, so that we can count our overhead and make sure that we can take care of children.  What about our accounts that are in the negative?  What about our mortgages? What about our water bills, our gas and electric?  What about our food? Not only for the kids that we are providing for, but our own children that we care for.  No one has received a straight answer to explain why their payments have been delayed for over a month.  Many of us was told to apply for emergency aid.  We dont want welfare, we work for a living and want to be compensated for the services we provided. 





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