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Ban Homework for Grades K-12

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Homework is probably one of the most stressful of all things to do after school. Too much homework can cause kids to lose interest in a subject, or even just learning in general. You get up really early to get ready for school, sit in school for about 420 minutes (7 hours), and then go home so you can do even more school work. This monotonous routine will go on from about September 'til June. That's a good 9.5 months! Whether teachers realize it or not, kids have lives after school, and do not want to spend the whole evening doing homework. We will have plenty time to do that when we grow up, and just want to be kids right now. If a child doesn't know or understand how to do his/her homework, the first person that a child might ask is a parent. Why not They should know everything because they went through school already, right Well... the problem that arises when a child asks a parent for help on homework is that the parent is going to use teaching methods from those of their teachers, which can confuse the child even more! This confusion is often the root cause of fights that may occur between parent and child in the evening. These arguements can put a strain on the parent and child's relationship. The child is tried of getting yelled at, and the parent has absolutely had enough of it. Yelling, shouting, and sometimes even crying while doing homework is no help either. What was once a beautiful day, has now turned into horrible nightmare all because of homework. Homework does in fact lead to cheating. Often times, kids with too much homework will resort to copying off of their friends in order to finish their homework in time. This has no positive affect for both kids. The cheater did not learn anything which defeats the purpose of homework. Continuous cheating on homework will result in not knowing the information and eventually failing exams. This will greatly affect the child's grade just because they had too much homework. In the end, homework is just not worth it. Kids would do better in school with no homework in the evening, but instead more in-class work with the teacher right there to help.


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