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No More Healy!

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Growing up, Hockey Night in Canada was the pinnacle of sports entertainment. That has changed of late. Now we are being forced to listen to the absurd banter of a man who clearly has no idea what he is talking about. It is bad enough that CBC employs two rabid Leaf-haters to broadcast Leaf games, but do we really have to continue to hear Healy mangle every play and degrade every player? Even if you're not a Leaf fan, and you actually enjoy the biased, anti-Leaf script that CBC is currently writing, think about it from the perspective of the players. No matter what happens, nothing is ever portrayed as a good play. Players do not score because of strong effort or talented play - they apparently score because other players are terrible and do not belong in the league. Imagine you are Darryl Boyce - or worse, a member of his family - and you had to hear Healy say this last spring: "Mark my words, if Darryl Boyce is on the Toronto Maple Leafs next year, the team will be a failure!" Yes, Glen, because the contributions of a fourth-line center will clearly make or break an entire franchise. For the record, Boyce had 13 points in 46 games, and was a +8, which is actually quite impressive given his role. Instead of what should have been a proud moment on Hockey Night In Canada, the Boyce family was treated to Healy's angry, spiteful, unintelligent drivel. Now the Kadri family is being forced to endure the same nonsense. Recently, Glen asked on air, sounding totally exasperated: "How many chances are they going to give this kid?! Gee Whiz!" Well Glen, he is a 20-year old, and entering only his second year in the league. In his first partial season, he averaged a greater points-per-game than Tyler Seguin despite an irrelevant age difference - but we know how CBC feels about Seguin. He's already a superstar, isn't he? Compare this further to Healy and CBC's treatment of Cody Hodgson, who is apparently a superstar in the making. Hodgson is older than Kadri though, and has actually experienced significantly less success at every level, including the NHL and AHL. These are but two examples of what goes on from start to finish of every game, all year long. It's exhausting, and it's depressing. So please CBC, enough forcing your anti-Leaf agenda down our throats. We ask that you have broadcasters who call the game as it is, and do not spend their time trying to degrade and humiliate players. As hockey fans and faithful, long-time viewers, we deserve objective and fair coverage of our team. If Glen Healy, Craig Simpson and Jim Hughson cannot provide this, we ask that you move them to another broadcast, where their festering Leaf hatred will not constantly ruin the experience of our beloved Saturday Night Tradition. To my fellow petitioners, please, when you sign this document, please leave an example of something horribly inaccurate, blatantly false, or wildly biased and spiteful that Healy or the HNIC broadcast crew has said. Perhaps if we have enough examples of the absurdity, someone will take notice and make changes. We are tired of watching Hockey Night in Canada and having to press the 'Mute' button by the end of the first period.

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