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NO MORE CUTTING OF OUR HOBBY\'S GAME WORN JERSEYS We\'re not going to TAKE it, NO we ain\'t gonna take it , we\'re not gonna take it any more ok, I Have had it , CARD COMPANY\'S JUST SAY NO, HELP STAMP OUT VINTAGE ABUSE. COME on PEOPLE read my LIPS NO MORE VINTAGE jerseys cut up. Ok , here is my point, we need to mount a attack and have someone spear head this operation. Maybe a petition , a sit in, SOMETHING, to stop the card company from doing this with old vintage jerseys. We have been watching long enough How many jerseys do these people think are around from Bobby Clarke, Gretzky, Gordie Howe, Kurri, MacInnis , Perreault, or Glen Hall goalie pads. This is like I am watching the extinction of the American Bald Eagle. Except that we cannot make any vintage jerseys from an egg. In the lat 60\'s thru the late 1970\'s teams have been wearing basically 2 sets of jerseys. Then in the 1980\'s the teams had 2 sets unless they made the playoffs then that would be 3 sets. SO if a player , played in 68/69 thru 78/79 in theory he would have 40 jerseys, but for the 1960\'s and 1970\'s the number of sets where not 3, but more times that not 2 sets of jerseys. Now during these years stuff just did not come out the way it does today, so there are a lot of good jerseys that saw the bottom of a garbage dump as oppose to the bottom of a closet. Then you take into account the jerseys that just went missing or destroyed some other way and you can knock off 8 or 10 from the 40 that I say he could have had. Now lets take Bobby Clarke for example, there is no way in over 30 years of doing this that I have seen even 25 different Clarke Jerseys. But Philly jerseys are more available than lets say, Buffalo or Montreal from the 60\'s or 70\'s. I would bet that there are less LaFluer\'s out there in the world still intact than Bobby Clarke\'s. So, what I am saying is that by the company\'s cutting these jerseys up they are taking away a piece of hockey history. In a story that I posted here in the Bogus letter for sale thread, I told about my experience with Upper Deck and cutting up cards. What happened in the early 1990\'s the hockey cards hit the skids, too much product and not enough selling. So they needed a marketing scheme to help sell hockey cards. Thus the saga begins. Well football and baseball suffered as well. They found the marketing tool to take them into the next decade as the game worn jersey cards so hockey card company\'s followed shortly. Now I would like to say to the card company\'s you have won back the fans and do not need to be cutting up old stuff to sell you card boxes. You can produce chase cards now for the collector to search for without cutting up an old jersey. No as far as the newer jerseys are concerned, this too needs to be stopped but there are way more 02-03 jerseys than 71-72\'s. Another thing to remember here is that the jersey card is a chase card. I would bet money on the fact that if you cut a replica jersey up and put it into a card people would still buy the hockey cards just for the chase cards and the company came make them . Especially when you limit them and give them some inherent worth right off the bat Now this brings me to the Dave Keon that is in a thread in the Auction section of this forum on Here is something that years ago would never have gotten a look see. Now, cause we are loosing our precious vintage jerseys to the knife, there are some people out there considering on bidding on this jersey, which has the sleeves cut completely off. If this continues game worn vintage jerseys will be extinct, a thing of the past. So I think it\'s time we stand up and be counted in some way so that in years to come we do not kick ourselves for not trying harder. So sign the petition and make a difference. Give you children the chance to see vintage hockey jerseys tomarrow bye stopping them today.

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