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It is time for us to speak out and reform credit reports and the credit bureau reporting system. The latest credit report scores have done nothing more than intensify identity theft due to the almost impossible and complicated procedure of removing erroneous information. The credit score itself designed does not depict a consumers true financial status, and creates an illusion that escalates predatory lending which only ADVERSELY affects consumers. Your privacy is invaded and has cost tens of thousands of people employment. The burden should not lie with the consumer to remove derogatory information. It should NOT be posted without your consent in the first place. No harm no foul and the consumer provides evidence of erroneous information it does not post. In it\'s current format most consumers do not know the errors are on thier report until it is too late and almost impossible to remove. There are numerous credit scams out there posting to consumers credit reports over and over to keep it updated and are receiving payments already collected or not due but out of frustration in trying to secure a mortgage for a home they are paid unjustly. Student loans are reported in error-- in triplicate,-- other debts sold or transferred are reported over and over which creates higher balances fraudulantly. Additionally due to the increased cases of identity theft, divorce, and health or illness, 7 to 10 years is too long for circumstances to remain on a report when they do not present a true picture. This problem is escalating and the credit scoring system which is only designed to suit a specific lifestyle is against our civil rights. People cannot obtain insurance, jobs, utilities, homes for sale or rent, transportation. Credit reporting was created to give credit. If the system was foolproof or completely accurate then the program would be necessary, However the errors are exacerbated by the inability to correct, unless you have the means to file a law suit. It is time to speak up and control your own course of action. CREDIT REPORTS are not beneficial as structured. We need credit reform now........ HELP US IN THIS PLEA... WE ARE PROPOSING.. a) BEFORE ANYTHING CAN BE PLACED ON AN INDIVIDUALS CREDIT REPORT, THE CONSUMER MUST BE NOTIFIED AND HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO DISPUTE FIRST. THE BURDEN SHOULD NOT BE PLACED ON THE CONSUMER TO CHALLENGE AFTER THE FACT. ONCE IT APPEARS THE DAMAGE IS DONE AND IS TOO LATE. b) CREDIT REPORTS MUST PURGE ALL INFORMATION AFTER 2 (two) years. Consumers have the right to a fresh start and to re establish themselves, especially those who have been victimized via the systems malfunctions and circumstances beyond thier control. Those who suffer from erroneous, duplicated, and fraudulant information MUST not be burdened or further penalized for such long periods of time. c) Bankruptcies and Foreclosures may only remain for a period not to exceed 5 years. If a new mortgage is obtained prior to 5 years and remains in good standing for at least 12 months straight they must be removed within 30 days of the 12th consecutive payment, consumers wishing to have this removed must submit evidence and confirmation to the reporting bureaus. d) Credit Bureau and reporting agencies may not hold interest in any lending/mortgage/utilities/auto leasing/ or any other buisness related industry that requires a credit report. As this may lead to predatory lending practices and other illegal actions. e) Employers may not view a persons credit report for employment purposes unless they are granting an employee credit. (They are still entitled to run a background check) Employers do not need to know employees personal indebtedness or lack thereof. This especially effects divorced or estranged couples seeking employment when spouse or significant other has ruined their credit. f). There needs to be stricter penalities for credit bureaus refusing to report information accurately and failing to remove accounts reported in duplicate, and any other disputed item. g) It should be unlawful with full penalty for colllection companies, leasing companies, and any other business reporting to the bureau where they have padded amounts, duplicated amounts, updated amounts to appear as newly reported so they are not removed timely from the report. h) Spouses, and significant others who have suffered from credit card and other debt abuse should not have the burden of clearing up debt unlawfully reported or used as this also does not present a true picture. i) Since assets and other stabalizing or credible information may not be listed then the so called score must be scratched. Review items on their individual merits and the full scenario only.


Mortgage Brokers and Real Estate Brokers and consumers concerned with the manipulation of the system with regard to unfair reporting practices and the failing credit score system.
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