keep flouride out of San Jose's water supply.

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Please support us in keeping flouride out of San Jose's water supply. Contrary to popular belief, flouride does NOT decrease cavities in children, in fact it causes more problems such as bone disease and brain development issues especially among children.

please watch the video link on the rightfor more on these 10 facts about fluoride.----->

10 facts about flouride:
1- Most developed countries do not flouridate
2- flouridated countries do not have less tooth decay than non flouridated countries
3- flouride affects many tissues in the body other than teeth
4- flouridation is not a natural process
5- 40% of American teenagers show signs of flouride overexposure
6- for Infants flouridated water poses only risks
7- flouride supplements have never been approved by the fda
8- flouride is the only prescription medication added to the water supply
9- ingesting flouride provides little benefit to teeth
10- the dose of flouride concitered "safe" can be devistating to a person in poor health

Also both Russian and German prison camps used flouride to create a more docile population and now it is going into our water supply which directly affects our population as well as the plant and animal population.
Please go to for more information and please do the research if you are sceptical. Help us keep our city flouride free!!





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