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In the state of Maryland there's a policy set in play called "fire at will". The the average american citizen we would think nothing of it. Everyone knows to keep your occupation all you have to do is the "the job" an then go home to begain the same routine again in the morning. That's the "american dream" the freedoms we work for rather it debt freedoms, labor freedoms ,or just the chance to sit back an catch the breeze. In this now harden times jobs are more scares’ than water ; an everyone man or woman, rich or poor has felt the effects of this recession. People are loosing there car, homes, an benefits. With no back up or bail out plan in site. unemployment is more common than wealth and something must be done. The "FIRE AT WILL' policy has to change; not just changed it should be thrown out. I’m a manager at a warehouse that incorporates that policy to the core. This policy violates your freedom of speech amendment, it also help incorporates stereotyping to the up most degree, allows personal feeling control your job stats an environment. "I can do all the work at my job to it best existent , an my boss can have personal problems at home, an I ask him a question he lashes out at me I can be fire without cause ?" that’s not right an that’s not the "american way". 'THERE ARE TON OF STATE WITH THAT SAME STORY _ BUT DONT BE LIKE ME AN TALK ABOUT IT, LET DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.....





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