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Say NO! to a Dolphinarium in Aruba

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To: Prime Minister Mike Eman
       Council of Ministers
       President of Parliament Rendolf A. Lee
       Members of Parliament
       Governor of Aruba dhr. F.J. Refunjol


We, the undersigned, take a stand and join the group of humanity that respects nature and the dolphin, and are of the opinion that Aruba as a country should reflect this identity.

We profoundly protest against the plans for Aruba to take part in the cruel and misleading educative captive dolphin industry. 

The existence of dolphinaria causes harm and death to dolphins in the wild and those captive, during capture, transportation, and captivity (including the captive born). It teaches humans that abuse of animals is acceptable for the sake of making a profit.

Aruba should be progressive, safeguard her own marine environment and wild dolphins, teach tourists why nature conservation is important, and  create authentic creative  lucrative business ventures for tourism instead of causing harm to our environment and integrity by copying the bad practices of other countries.

We hereby petition you:

  • NOT to give permits for the establishment of dolphinaria in Aruba

  • PASS  required legislation to prohibit commercial captive display of dolphins and other marine mammals and so join other countries who already have done this.

  • PASS legislation to declare Aruba’s waters a “ Marine Mammal Sanctuary”.

"The world should not enter the 21st century clinging to archaic 20th century practices. We should shed the mantle of the exploitative and greedy sideshow barker and recognize that teaching whales and dolphins to perform tricks does not showcase their abilities—it exploits them. These circus acts are not educational—they are entertainment. And out-dated entertainment at that. Dolphins do not belong in captivity in the new century. They belong where they have lived for millennia, in the ocean, where their continued presence will motivate us to protect them." The Humane Society of the United States

Your immediate action is needed.
The Undersigned

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Say NO! to a Dolphinarium in Aruba

Or contact the Aruba Marine Mammal Foundation (AMMF) via email: infoammf@gmail.com

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