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Motion of no confidence in Kingston University Student Union President Sean Kelly

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We the undersigned have no confidence in the ability of Sean Kelly to fulfil his role and responsibilities as President of Kingston University Students Union for the reasons stated but not limited to those that are outlined below. The KUSU byelaws (rules of the Union) state the following student officer political regulations. Where applicable the bullet points listed give examples of how these regulations have not been fulfilled. Byelaw (8) – Student Officer Conduct Regulations Byelaw (8.1) - Political Regulations Standard of Conduct 1. An elected officer should: i) Protect the independence of the Students’ Union, and ensure that the student body has an independent voice. • Continuously attending meetings with KU on his own without liaising with KUSU staff and other officers to ensure the student body has an independent voice • Ongoing failure to adequately report outcomes to other KUSU student officers ii) Use all tools available to ensure there is effective communication between them and the student body. • Failing to attend the only induction talk he was scheduled for in September 2012 and refusing to send apologies for not attending • Ongoing failure to attend KUSU pop up sessions at KH Mondays even after signing up to attend and providing no reason for absence • Ongoing failure to plan, run or deliver any awareness campaigns to ensure effective communication to students iv) Uphold the Union’s core values of representation, excellence and professionalism. Representation • Ongoing failure to act as the lead officer with regards to collective representation • Ongoing failure to ensure collective representation as he does not have regular communication with other officers or students • Ongoing failure to plan or deliver any national political campaigns or any other awareness campaigns to adequately represent the needs of students • Failure to fulfil his role in adequately organising DEMO 2012 as he promised as lead officer on the project. • Ongoing failure to ensure the effectiveness of KUSU’s democracy or governance models • Failing to adequately prepare for KUSU AGM as project lead and having to extend the motion deadline because of this • Ongoing failure to support the Non-Portfolio Officer as has not had any meetings to check on progress or support them • Ongoing failure to support and develop the work of Executive Committee • Ongoing failure to deliver on promises that have been made to others (The bookshop as an example) • Failure to ensure our Commercial Services are delivering student led services (i.e. no campaigns/focus groups/feedback has taken place) • Failure to campaign/research into the reason behind why the Bars may be losing money, neither taking initiative to see how we could turn this around by looking at representation/governance structures etc. Excellence and Professionalism • Ongoing failure to attend KUSU weekly meetings and commercial services meetings therefore failing to represent students • Ongoing ill preparedness for all meetings therefore failing to represent student’s adequately • Failure to effectively chair trustee board – due to the ineffectiveness of meetings we have had to hold an emergency meeting to address things that were not covered previously therefore failing to adequately represent students • Presenting not agreed papers at Trustee Board which is unprofessional and not in line with Trustee Board conduct • Failure to turn up on time for University level meetings • Failure to turn up on time to be on a University interview panel for the KU faith advisor • Failure to turn up on time (1 hour late with no apologies) for an interview panel for a KUSU managerial position and walking in mid-interview • Continuing to act as an officer of a society during semester 1 • A complaint was made against him around bullying of a student whereby the public apology was not issued as requested as an outcome of the investigation • Expectation that the Presidential role is there to delegate work. Ongoing failure to lead by example and failing to be a key member of the officer team • Failure to represent a good image for KUSU having been fired from his role as KUSU student staff v) Officers will be expected to supply a written report of the main issues and outcomes from meetings attended to Executive Committee. Additionally there is an expectation that officers will keep the student body informed of all issues impacting on them through all available media. • Ongoing failure to communicate with other full time or part time officers on main issues and outcomes from meetings attended • Ongoing failure to supply a written report of the main issues and outcomes from meetings attended to Executive Committee • Ongoing failure to provide collective representation to the University as he often attends meetings on a one to one basis without speaking to other officers to ensure the representation he is making is collective • Ongoing failure to keep the student body informed of all issues impacting on them through all available media In addition to the above, there has been an ongoing failure to deliver or work towards the promises in his manifesto of which he was elected on. Some specific examples of which are outlined below: o ‘I appreciate the value of words but only if those words result in actions- i am the only man for the job who will get results’ What results have there been as a result of his actions? o Build KU a strong community across all campuses. ‘I will ensure that every week there is at least two KUSU drop-in sessions at each campus. I will ensure that more and as many events, projects, campaigns etc. are made as available to all campuses collectively as possible.’ Ongoing failure to take an active role in organising the drop in’s at Kingston Hill Campus and has not actively attended. Ongoing failure to show an interest in attending or developing these drop in sessions to work towards his promises. o ‘Create a system of support for part time officers as I recognise they do not have adequate care and provision to effectively represent the students they are there to represent/campaign for the issues that matter’ Ongoing failure to support the non-portfolio officer in her role and failure to deliver on promises of support for other officers. o In summary I feel that I would be the best candidate for the job as I respect students and respect those that want to make change happen as much as I do. ‘By implementing the plans above as a starting point, I truly feel that we can finally create a union we all aspire to have – and that we all deserve.’ The plans laid out above have not been implemented by Sean, neither have there been plans set out to work towards them. Having worked with Sean for 6 months there have not been any demonstrable outcomes or results thus far, neither have there been any plans from Sean to show any input or focus on working on upcoming plans, campaigns or activities which would enable him to fulfill his role as KUSU President. Other than some specific examples outlined above where he has done things wrong, it is more that there appears to be no work being carried out to achieve his goals in his manifesto and no initiative taken to ensure he is fulfilling his role. In addition complaints have also been made about Sean’s attitude to staff and his attitude towards them. It is a worry that many meetings between the President and key University stakeholders are scheduled and take place with little or no input from other student officers or KUSU staff.

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