NO on Employee Free Choice Act "Card Check"

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Dear President, Members of Congress, Senate, Department of Labor Secretary; Local and State Representatives, We American workers both union and non-union, and business owners operating in a diversity of markets, sectors and industries join together to urge you to oppose the Employee Free Choice Act ( also referred to as "Card Check"). This Bill will cause irreparable harm to our nation's economy and will strip us of our right to a private election process. This Bill eliminates a secret ballot election were we can vote our conscience and beliefs without fear of repercussion, and replaces it with a non-private process in which we can be subject to intimidation and pressure to sign a binding petition, a petition which we may in fact disagree with but are forced to sign under pressure and duress. It is simply un-American and un-Democratic to strip the right to a private vote from the unionization process, same as it would be to force all Americans to choose our elected officials by public petition rather than private vote. The Employee Free Choice Act will cause irreparable damage to our Nation's economy and self-sustainability. The cost of federal arbitration in employee disputes alone is totally unsustainable and unmanageable especially during this perilous economic environment. We only need to look at Italy who enacted similar legislation in the 1980's. In Italy, the labor law changes have proven disastrous to the nation's economy and infrastructure. Italy is now one of the poorest countries in the European Union without a reliable transportation and utility network due to frequent worker strikes and unbridled spending on federal arbitration for employee disputes. The were forced to sell and lease public monuments to foreign governments to subsidize these costs. In Greece the recent strikes have fueled large-scale riots, disrupting distribution channels to food, power, transportation and communication networks. Our nation simply cannot afford to enact this legislation. We the taxpayers cannot afford it, we the employers cannot afford it and we, the American workers who will be stripped of our basic American right to a democratic election process cannot afford it. We unite as American workers, as members of the middle class, poor, rich, Democrat, Republican, and Independent in our opposition to this bill. We respectfully ask you that you take a stand for the Democratic rights of American workers, and for the health of this great Nation's economy by respectfully voting NO on the Employee Free Choice Act. Sincerely,




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