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Ban Heavy Bass In Boom Cars Now!

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Please also sign the petition to the White House, we need at least 100k signatures by July 4.
http://wh.gov/lsStE Are you in Oregon? If so please sign this petition as well to the Oregon Governor and State Legislature.
http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/981/061/440 just copy in paste in your browser.

This petition is to urge the U.S. Congress to pass tougher laws regarding the sale, distribution, and use of high decibel amplifiers, linears, speakers, et al. The issue of “boomcars” and decibel drag racing should be a growing concern for every community in the United States. The study by the U.S. Department of Justice that helps deal with the problem of noise pollution indicates very clearly with the emphasis upon loud car stereos that "not only do these violators annoy some people, but that they inhibit drivers’ ability to hear emergency signals on the road. In addition, in some jurisdictions drug dealers advertise by cruising neighborhoods with the car stereo turned up loud." The problem of loud car stereos, especially “boomcars” is more wide-spread than a simple tally of complaints would reveal. Perhaps only 5%-10% of people bothered by any type of noise will file an official complaint. Many citizens are not aware of their legal right to quiet. The vibrations can often be felt in addition to being heard. They cause glass and ceramics to rattle, compounding the annoyance. Playing car stereos loudly can be an act of social defiance by some or merely inconsiderate behavior by others. Noise from a variety of sources, including loud car stereos, can cause hearing loss, disturb sleep, increase stress, make people irritable, and make naturally aggressive people more aggressive". Source (U.S. D.O.J. Office Of Community Oriented Policing Services, COPS Problem Oriented Guide For Police Series No.7 Loud Car Stereos. Scott S. Michael) http://www.cops.usdoj.gov/files/RIC/Publications/e07042421.pdf While in some respects there is a level of organization, such as DB drag racing one example would be http://www.floridaspl.com in other situations there are not. The constant “thmmm thmmm thmmm” is no longer something to be tolerated. The expert articles "FEELING THE MUSIC CAN BE DANGEROUS TO YOUR HEALTH" http://www.omnisonic.com/bbillings.html, and Heavy Bass Victims You Are Not Alone http://www.noiseoff.org/document/bass.victims.not.alone.pdf describe the nature of the problem the dangers and how this so-called social defiance is affecting not only the defiant ones but our society as a whole, this is no longer an issue that can go unnoticed, earthquakes on wheels or ground pounders are not going away and they are intensifying, if they want to continue to defy let them do it somewhere they can not harm man or nature, otherwise they must be regulated plain and simple!

We the people of this country that prides itself on individual rights choose to exercise our right to peace and quiet and not the constant nerve rattling terror that these machines are creating. Therefore we, the undersigned, call upon Congress to pass measures that will ban the sale and distribution of earth rattling decibel audio equipment, including all speakers, amplifiers and linears that are used strictly in defiance of local noise ordinances. The growing epidemic of these “boomcars” is of grave concern to community members and both local and state authorities and should be as well to Federal authorities. The impounding, confiscation and mandatory stiff fines, as well as arrest in some jurisdictions is sending a strong message to these audio thugs. However, this issue must be dealt with two-fold; (1) manufacturing and distribution, despite the genie being out of the bottle already and (2) a Federal Mandate for all states to pass legislation, making such equipment illegal to distribute or own and stiff penalties for violators found in possession of such equipment. It can be compared to a drug. see this article for substantiation http://omnisonic.com/bbillings.html They, the bass thugs, are addicted to this loud obnoxious “thmmmping”, which can hardly be termed music. They feed on the constant fix and will do anything to get that fix. Once they are exposed to it they don’t stop and they will defy any laws to continue this habit. This is not only affecting the user, who is becoming deaf more and more after each fix, but our society at large, which is the same problem with drugs in our country. This is just another type of drug (call it the acoustic crack of the 21st century and the users are "Bass Heads") and therefore requires the same kind of scrutiny. Anyone who has ever been exposed to the decibel level of these monsters can attest to the destructive force they possess. Therefore it is absolutely imperative that measures be taken before the problem grows more out of control. Measure including the prohibited sale of digitally enhanced CDs whose only purpose is to enhance the frequency of already illegal bass systems and allow the sub woofers to operate below 20hz which is no longer audible, see http://www.lowertheboom.org/trice/infrasound.htm to understand better. More info http://loud.vze.com
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Citizens Against Audio Trespass http://nobooms.freeservers.com/


NOTE! IF YOU ARE A Bass Head AND ARE THINKING ABOUT SIGNING THIS PETITION AND LEAVING MORONIC COMMENTS, don't waste your time! Read the comments of the angry people across America, You claim you are just having a good time, You are too stupid to have a good time! http://nobooms.freeservers.com/ Dear fellow victims and activists,before you take another step, Please visit this page http://www.noisefree.org/links.php or join these message boards http://groups.yahoo.com/group/noisefreeamerica http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lower_the_boom/ Boom Cars defined , see this page http://www.noiseoff.org/boomcars.php Boom Cars sound and feel, like heavy trucks, Trash Trucks! Why should that be a surprise, it seems that those who amplify these vehicles beyond any reason and have no remorse for doing so are arrogant trash! Boom Cars are like pile drivers. They, the drivers, use intimidation, make death threats, use profanity beyond words. They are compensating for their lack of manhood! How sad and degrading. They are just a bunch of two bit hoods. Unfortunately like the hoods of the past, these hoods are attempting to gain attention and recognition by "beating their electronic chests" If you are going to act like a primate, then you must be treated like one and locked up! Something to think about! These are real people with real lives! just click on the signatures tab to see these and more! This one is from the Utah state petition and really makes sense! #1532 SC US "Please ban boom cars! Please restore peace and quiet to our neighborhoods. The time has come for federal and state regulation on the volume level of car sound systems. Our local police seem unable or unwilling to seriously enforce the local noise ordinance. As long as it is legal to sell and install loud sound systems into cars, it is going to be a problem for law enforcement. This is a public health issue. When one of these cars is beside you at a red light, the excructiating incessant booming and thumping is painful to the ear. What is this doing to hearing of infants or small children who are in the car We badly need a chapter of Noise Free America in South Carolina to fight noise pollution such as boom cars." Even a D.J. is against them! #1530 CA US "This is a problem; not just in cars but homes as well. Being a mobile DJ, I play music in many different environments, but do not own a sub. It is way too intrusive, and inconsiderate to do so. The problem of bass is growing out of control and at some point you will not be able to do anything anywhere without hearing this annoyance. It is sad that we now have to push for more laws to make up for our societies lack of consideration and respect for others! # 18: Utah "Boom cars and the like not only increase noise pollution, but they are hazardous to homes (windows shaking, etc) and to children playing and possibly crossing the street to chase a ball (whom the drivers and bystanders will not be able to hear over the sound of their own music). This isn't just about noise, it's about safety!" #1506 CO US "There should be a constitutional right not to be subjected to this infernal racket, and those who violate this right should be investigated and fined by the US Department of Justice and have their equipment confiscated and sold at police auctions." There is a constitutional right, and you have the right to demand it! AS far selling them at auctions we so, destroy them like they have been doing for years on Lorraine OH. see article. #1507 CO US "It is plainly unfair to allow these inconsiderate individuals to constantly ruin my quite enjoyment, and to lower my property values. Why on earth do we continue to allow this" That's a really good question there in Colorado! #1508 NV US "I'm sick and tired of these people driving through my neighborhood. I'm trying to relax after work and have to constantly put up with boom stereo systems driving by. Shaking the walls, waking me up. It's offensive and rude and has to be stopped." Note Las Vegas NV has a very serious problem with the boom cars. #402 NV US "One boom stereo owner was quoted as saying that he likes to leave his stereo blast at red lights and in private parking lots to annoy people,in Las Vegas we have a real problem with people playing their boom stereos at red lights,I try to stay in good health,don't smoke etc,it is a fact this blasting percussive noise harms people these noise abusers are subjecting to,one reason they want to have a loud stereo is the same as why some men used to try to get women drunk, any decent women wouldn't go near a car with a boom stereo blasting, mostly not so bright women or ones that want to use drugs will tho,so they will be more likely to get laid(& to get an std).There is no reason they should be allowed to perpetrate noise abuse on people around them,they are perpetrators victimizing people,the noise abuse must end." http://www.lvrj.com/blogs/kalas/Cars_blaring_loud_music_create_anxiety_for_some.html This is very interesting considering what is being said about Vegas. #1516 CA US "I live in the city of Pittsburgh a half block away from a gas station. Day in and Day out I must endure the thumping, booming assault of inconsiderate thugs disturbing my peace and quiet with their deep vibratory bass noise. The vibration is so significant it causes my light fixtures to rattle. They should be arrested and their vehicles confiscated." #407 FL US"Is there anything to be done These thugs are promoting ignorance and violence and will not stop until we are all sick with stress and they are all deaf. With war, starvation and suffering all over the world why would they just want to contribute more Are they even human beings" Are they human that is debatable,since this type of constant low frequency exposure to the cells has a tendency to mutate the cell DNA, then actually they would be considered mutations! It's out in the country too, no escaping it! #413 ID US "I moved out to the country to get away from the boom box noise only to find out that is impossible. It am exposed to it by distant neighbors and drive by vehicles. I'll be trying to rest when I will be awakened by the thumping and the rattling of my home. When will it stop" It will stop when we say enough is enough, that when it will stop! #414 DE US "The noise is a total invasion of privacy and this equipment (kickers) should be outlawed." CT US "Boom Cars are beyond reproach. They are a blatant assault to the senses, and can be tolerated no longer. We should also be aware of the fact that ""boomers"" are turning to obnoxiously loud exhaust systems to compensate for local regulations regarding music volume. Their point is to destroy the quality of life for the average, hardworking person. Noise is the default medium used by those who have nothing to offer themselves or society. It is their way to protest their own ignorance as if it were someone else's fault." IN US "their rights end where MINE start." TX US "I am so tired of the walls of my home viberating everytime one of these losers drives by." FL US "Laws need to be passed an enforced which will stop noise pollution. I often have things vibrate off of shelves and a cat that I cannot get out from under the bed for hours after one of these boom cars leave the apartment complex in which I live. I'm all for personal freedom, but why does it have to be at the expense of everyone elses sanity" FL US "I agree with this petition to the extent that when the noise is so loud that it interferes with my ability to get a decent lights sleep in my own house or ruins a normally somber or quiet event (funerals, religeous events, etc) it is an invasion of my privacy and should not be tolerated. I am not against a persons right to listen to music asd loud as he or she wants to, but not at everyone elses expense." IL US "Yes, these inconsiderate punks have the right to listen to what ever trash they want, but that doesn't mean everyone else has to. It is really sad that with everything else going on that these jerks feel the need to be a nuisance to everyone else. We need to make our voices heard above this dispicable noise and finally put an end to it. It has really become sad how the youth of today is so inconsiderate and disrespectful. I really feel a lot of it has to do with some of this rap (so called music) that promotes so much violence and disrepect. It's time decent citizens regain their RIGHT to PRIVACY" PA US "As an HSP and person that suffers from PTSD, this is a huge problem for me. It has caused major health problems for me as well as made it very difficult for me to recover from major surgery in my own home." TN US "It's just sad when you have to ask your neighbors to turn down the bass in their house and in their cars and friends cars every day!!" SC US "Please put an end to boomcars. It has caused me tremendous anxiety where I live and I can't get any sleep or relaxation. I have kidney failure and I desperately need rest." NY "I personally don,t care what people listen to, but be respectfull and keep your loud boom boom bullshit out of my air space assholes, thank you." CA US "At last there is someone else that is truly bothered by these very annoying and dangerous toys. As an ER Nurse I treated a woman who was killed by an on-coming fire engine because of circumstances of a boomcar preventing people from hearing the siren..also ..people who ride in boomcars are loosing thier hearing." CA US "These loud machines should not be sold to the public." The info. in the following links are reasons why you should support this petition. Comments from our latest signatures. More can be be found at http://nobooms.freeservers.com/ OK US "Boom car nonsense just has to be stopped. I'm a Vietnam Vet with PTSD and the loud booming and vibrations of the infrasound causes me to have artillery shell, mortar shell, and 122mm rocket fire flashbacks. I often roll onto the floor and grab for a nonexistant M-16 and steel helmet.....(and I even take prescription meds to control it). Even ear plugs are ineffective.....and the sleep deprivation is complicating things tremendously." In response to the losers who have tried to convince the rest of us that this is wrong and have the to nerve to speak of war veterans, we wish to remind them that these ground pounding pile driving shock waves emitting from their sound systems, are a great shock to the nervous system and sooner or later a Vietnam or other vet will be set off by one of these shell shocks and go bezerk! Have you seen the movie Rambo Would you like that kind of blood on your hands Just a thought. Just a reminder to you thick headed losers out there with nothing better to do. If you sign this petition it means that you agree with it! If you sign it so that you can post stupid imflamattory comments, Don't. Note, some of your stupid comments will be posted for all to see! The rest will never see the light of day, they will simply be deleted. If you continue to do this, it means you are abusing this server and the administrator has the right to contact your I.S.P. and prosecute the offender if they wish to do so. Any threats will be taken seriously and turned over to the proper authorities. In other words if you do not agree with the spirit of this petition, that's fine, just take your rants and ravings somewhere else Don't waste your time or ours! For now, we will post the immature responses from the so-called opposition as exhibits A, B, C serving as a strong argument as to to the lack of brains, caused by the "brain liquifying" sound systems they regularly subject themselves and others to! As for the rest of the comments received they will be deleted. Exhibit A: WA BI "Your a bunch of f*cking sh*t f*ck bastards that need a life. Polititions will be shot and killed on site. Government was made by the people for the people. Hope your happy you wasted all your time putting together this crummy site. Next time I go up to the ballot boxes I'll mark the proposition marked F*CK YOU!" Why didn't you leave your real e-mail so you could get a response to your comments Exhibit C: IL US "Boomcars will stay, and nothing will ever make them go away!!" Such Determination! Exhibit C: Some idiot who goes by the name Who Gives A Sh*t(who probably does not reside in the U.S.) recently signed this petition with some stupid comments. Thanks for the laugh Who Gives, here's your moronic comment for all to see! at least learn to form a sentence properly and spell! Whogives ash*t AL AL "a little noice from one car passing once in a while is nothing to bitch about" Well apparently alot of folks give a hoot Who Gives and here's a from a Tampa Bay news stations entitled "Billboards warn against loud car speakers" to prove that alot of people give a sh*t! Also see what comments people are leaving down below. Billboards warn against loud car speakers http://www.myfoxtampabay.com/dpp/news/Billboards_warn_against_loud_car_speakers THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN (See what comments people are leaving) http://freeserveers.com/nobooms Here's more. IL US "Yes this is a real problem where I live. We just had two 16 year olds killed on our street corner driving 80 mph late at night. Kids racing up and down the street exceeding speed limits and blaring radios. No one to enforce as we are a small town with no police force and the adjoining towns don't regularly patrol the area and a high crime area with the projects. Takes the firetrucks 30 min. to respond to a fire cause we are not on the 911 map they use. This lane we live on. Something needs to be done about this." Community Tired of Loud Car Stereos Is Targeting Retailers http://www.noisefree.org/boomcars/boomcommunity.html If you live in Utah, sign the Utah petition http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/stop-boom-cars-in-utah Send this Complaint Letter to businesses where frequent booming ruins your visit. http://www.lowertheboom.org/letter.html How Many More Must Die Before Something Is Done Article By Psychologist/Audio Expert Military Specialist on the health dangers of overpowered audio systems, as well as education about potential addiction. http://www.omnisonic.com/bbillings.html ACOUSTICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA Boom Cars: Noise Pollution at its Worst http://www.acoustics.org/press/140th/raichel2.htm US Department Of Justice Article on the subject matter. http://www.cops.usdoj.gov/files/RIC/Publications/e07042421.pdf Anti Boom Car legislation passed by the state of Rhode Island http://www.rilin.state.ri.us/leg_press/2002/april/giannini%20noise.htm This was posted in a forum in relation to just how prevalent the menace is and how some people just don't know where to go to escape it! "I heard that a bill against boom car audio systems was passed back in 2002 in Rhode Island by a Rep. Giannini. My family and I are wondering if this is really a law in RI, and if so is it being enforced We're trying to find places in the U.S. that don't tolerate this menace and are hoping RI is the place to go" A message to those who wish to interfere with this petition by signing it falsely. Don't do it! It is considered a form of fraud! More rantings from the sick opposition. #526 jamie c WA US "you son of a bitch. you are posting obviously fake ""signatures"" and dont listen to shit when people make intellegant arguments. therefore, i will not only stoop to your pathetic level, but surpass it (if that is indeed possible); you, sir, need to get a life and perhaps even a job. living at your mothers house and fulfilling her crazed drug induced missions of stopping ""that damn noise"" is doing nothing but making many people hate you. since you arent worth any more of my time, i hope you have something large and uncomfortable forced into your rectum by one of the obese and infested prostitutes that you visit and have them act out the dillusions of your oedipus complex.with much gayness,jamieC" No fake signatures here, only people in pain and suffering due to your delusions! How dare you imply that these signatures are fraudulent, the only that is fraudulent is those of you signing it who oppose what are we are trying to do! That accusation speaks volumes on the stupidity of individuals like yourself! 567 sherman h NJ US "YOU MUST BE HUFFIN PAINT IF YOU THINK YOU CAN STOP THE BUMP IN MY TRUNK!!!!!!!!!!! MY BASS WILL BLOW CARS OFF THE ROAD HAHAHAHA WHO NEEDS EARDRUMBS ANYWAY. NOT ME SUCK A FAT ONE PIGS!!!!!" Oh so you don't need eardrums, then why don't you do the world a favor and just boom and thump your head off all together, ear drums and all! Make no mistake our fellow sufferers we are at war with these thugs and they will stop at nothing to continue to torture us! These and more responses tell us what kind of mutants we are dealing with!
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