"No thank you, Mr. Trump" - West Chester University

Jamie Lynn
Jamie Lynn West Chester, Pennsylvania 1381 Comments
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Every student of West Chester University takes pride in our purple and gold. We are an institution built on pride- West Chester Pride. In our community, we welcome all races, all religions, and we hold the door open for the person walking behind us. Since 1871 West Chester University has produced Pennsylvania's educators, scientists, musicians, business men and women, and turned aspiring high school graduates into mature, and successful young adults. It is now our turn to show the world that we not only have pride for our school, but pride for our country. Let us not be the school that hosts Mr. Trump. Let it be known that his ideas and visions for the United States ARE NOT what we believe in and WILL NOT be tolerated on our campus. Sign this petition as a student, saying that you respectfully decline the use of our campus to be used as speaking grounds for a Trump rally. We pay tuition to use our campus the way we choose. Choose to say no thank you to Mr. Trump.



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