No tax hike for Carolina Panthers!

Evan  Thomas
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The city of Charlotte recently voted to support raising food and beverage taxes to fund stadium improvements for the Carolina Panthers. While we generally support the Panthers we do not understand why all of us are being asked to financially back one of the city's most successful businesses. The Panthers have made no claims that they can't afford to upgrade the stadium or get a loan to do so on their own. The Panthers appear to be asking the city to raise taxes because they feel like they deserve our money more than the people who earned it. Charlotte has paid for many stadiums over the protests of the citizens in the recent past. None of those outcomes gives us confidence that the latest stadium money will be a net benefit to the city or the Panthers. This town is still bitter about how the arena was built for the Bobcats over the protest of voters. The point of this petition is to make clear to the Panthers that the citizens of Charlotte do not appreciate being asked to pay for their stadium upgrades. We will watch you on TV, even wear your jerseys but we won't go to your games. Do the right thing, Jerry Richardson! Each person who signs this petition pledges not to attend a Carolina Panthers game at the Bank of America stadium if a tax hike is approved to support the franchise.




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