No Obamacare in Kentucky

Cal Kinm
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Whereas: Passage of the ObamaCare bill had nothing to do with American health care but instead was intended only to massively expand federal power over our lives; and Whereas: Polls show that ObamaCare remains outrageously unpopular; and Whereas: Passage of ObamaCare will result in tens of thousands of new federal workers - including 12,000 new IRS employees - skyrocketing health care costs, and $570 BILLION in new taxes; and Whereas: The key provision of ObamaCare - forcing Americans to buy government-approved health insurance as a condition of citizenship - is blatantly unconstitutional; Therefore: As a Kentucky resident, I will be carefully watching your actions and I urge you to use ALL the powers at your disposal in order to prevent this financial atrocity from being implemented within the Commonwealth of Kentucky.




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