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Close Down All Nuclear Power Facilities in the United States

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I am calling on you to help save our future.

 Our goal is to cease the production of nuclear energy through the many nuclear facilities located through the entire United States. Nuclear energy is a crime against humanity. The dangers and risks of nuclear energy are rapidly increasing every day and it is imperative that we, as a people, stop the production of this lethal weapon, before it is too late.

 The real reason to resort to nuclear energy is so the United States can be economically independent and we won’t have to depend on foreign countries for oil. The government is resorting to nuclear energy because they say that it is the only alternative source of energy that will meet the demands of the people efficiently. Meanwhile, the government gives more money to nuclear power companies then to other possible choices of alternative energy. For example, in 2006, the total amount of spending on nuclear energy was $5,693,618,000. Meanwhile, the amount of money spent of wind in 2006 was $3,960,029,918 and the total amount spent of solar energy was $3,114,400,799. If the government gave the same amount of money to other alternative energy sources, we may not have to depend of such as lethal substance.

The government’s goal is to save money, but how much will the government have to spend when the United States experiences its inevitable nuclear disaster? Ukraine, in the Chernobyl disaster of 1986, had to spend just 4 million dollars just to close the nuclear facility down. The spent trillions evacuating the people, cleaning up the area, closing the area, making sure foods were not contaminated with radiation, and so much more. It is estimated that it will take 11 trillion dollars to clean up the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan.

The current plan for nuclear waste is to bury it at Yucca Mountain in Nevada. There are many problems with this. In fact, this burial site for nuclear waste goes against all of the policies and guidelines set forth to protect the environment and society from the possible risks that can occur, but the government is making “special exceptions” for Yucca Mountain. Some of the risks involve contaminated water and possibly thousands of new cancer diseases. Not to mention the risk of transporting this radioactive material through cities and towns just to get there.

It all comes down to the question; can the United States afford to take such a risk with nuclear energy? The answer is no. It is a crime against humanity and it must cease before permanent damage is done. We must save our future.



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