No More McDonalds

Ruby  Sedgley
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McDonalds is no longer that place to have a break. Their stores are often filthy, poorly staffed and offering very little customer service, but I could overlook that. The food is absolutely terrible for you. There are films made about it. The company's food quality is a joke, but I could concede its not my business what people eat. However, this company makes billions annually while paying the absolute minimum to their staff. They have even tried to pay my alternate means, which should be illegal. The cost of doubling the salary for all the working Americans would only increase the price of a Big Mac $0.68, yet they will not do it. (source: I now understand that by shopping at McDonalds, I'm helping them hurt their own workers. Since money appears to be the only thing they care about, I must refuse to ever patronize them again. I hope every person who signs this will agree to no longer go to McDonalds. I do not wish to give my money to a company with such a negative image or policy of employee mistreatment.





  • 4 years ago
    Ruby Sedgley United States
    4 years ago