No more gun violence! Down with the second!

Rita Henry
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There comes a time when we realize that some things does not work. Gun violence is one of them. Too many people are being killed everyday by a gun. Too many schools are being shot up by individuals. It shouldn't be something that is normal in America for a life to be taken by a gun. How many more violent shooting do we need to have before we realize that guns are very easily found in anyone's hands. Gun control has been over looked too many times, and its time that we take some time and do some thing about it. Getting rid of the second amendment is a start, but as you know it is an government law and 100,000,000+ voices are better then one. So lets all come together and speak for those who no longer can speak for themselves. Lets speak for Vagina Tech, Columbine, Colorado, Connecticut, and all the other lives that were ever taken by a gun. Lets all come together and say No more gun violence! Down with the second!




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