No More Gay Gooners

Nathan Hurn
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Arsenal Football Club have a heritage and a history, I as an Arsenal fan am proud to be a gunner. When visiting the Emirates Stadium to watch my club play the amazing game of football, I often like to scan around the stadium and appreciate the architecture, There are various banners displayed throughout the stadium which are mostly appreciated as they relate to the clubs history and to the current players that are idolised by the fans, However my eyes come across a single banner in which I think insults and tarnishes the Club's reputation, the banner labelled "Gay Gooners" is very disturbing, This Gay community are using our Club (Arsenal Football Club) to advertise their sexual orientation. I view this as an insult to both myself and fellow Arsenal Fans, as the saying goes 'They should keep what they do in the bedroom outside of the ground'. As a fellow fan I am asking you to sign this petition against this Arsenal banner being allowed inside the ground and for Arsenal Football Club themselves to remove Gay Gooners from the fans section of their website, although Arsenal FC 'ensure that everyone associated with Arsenal feels an equal sense of belonging, regardless of age, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, nationality, sex or gender, sexual orientation, disability or religion.'This does not necessarily mean that the club are being prejudice if they're opting against the advertisement of Gays inside the ground. It is disgraceful that Arsenal are helping the Gay Community to advertise themselves to the general public. What they do in their spare time and whatever meetings they want to have can be done via word of mouth. Not by using our Club as an incentive to advertise their sexuality. This brings disgrace and shame upon Arsenal FC and disturbs the fans also in the process. -It is by signing this petition I believe that we can work together with Arsenal to take the appropriate measures required to remove these disturbing images from both the ground and the Arsenal website.




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