No More Celebrity Endorserments

Mark Ross
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Celebrities will lie and cheat to make millions off products the public pays for. How many times do we have to be disappointed by a Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds, who probably don't even use half the products they endorse. The public pays liars and cheats millions every year by buying their endorsed products. It just inflates the price... so I say CAN them all. If a product is good, pay some actor and put out a good ad, peope are not stupid and will check it out. If celebrities want to promote a product or service or charity, let them put their pretty face out there for free by donating ALL the money to a good cause. They'll make it up by being seen as honest and caring, we, the peole will make it up by paying less money for products. Boycotting all those companies that use celebrity endorsers would be an easy way to stop the corporations and celebrities.



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