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No More Bendis.

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Brian Michael Bendis has been ruining Marvel Comics for over 15 years now. While he has produced some quality work during his career (Daredevil, Ultimate Spider-Man,) for the most part his work has been terrible (Avengers, X-Men.)

None of his work though, has been as damaging to the brand as his run on Guardians of the Galaxy. After the hugely successful movie, mostly based off of DnA's critically acclaimed run, Guardians has never had a better opportunity to bring in a new audience. Thousands of new fans left the movie theatre craving more Guardians. What was available for them to sink their teeth in to? The most bland and ineffective Guardians run of all time...

HE MUST BE STOPPED! Guardians cannot afford an extended Bendis run! He will "Blam! Murdered you!" the new fan base until there is no one left. He can't even get the line "I am Groot!" right. And don't even get me started on what he did to the "Cancerverse" storyline with Richard Rider...

Please sign this petition to remove Brian Michael Bendis from writing duties for the Guardians of the Galaxy comic post Secret Wars.

Bendis's thing is heads talking uncharacteristically, not epic space opera. Put him on a "street level" Marvel book where he can play to his strengths and not ruin a franchises potential to gain a strong new fanbase.

Thank you for your time. The fate of the Galaxy is in your hands now...

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