No Methadone in Our Backyards!

Jamie Fenley
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On Wednesday, May 27th the Tri Lakes Tribune wrote about a Methadone Clinic opening up in historic downtown Monument, just across the street from a community park (Limbach Park). They mentioned a "soft opening" in early July.

I would like to bring this to the communities awareness and ask it's residents to stand together in putting a stop to what may very well be the beginning of our beautiful town's demise. Not only will this ultimately bring more crime, drugs, and more transients into our community but it will also decrease property values of our homes in the area and put our children at risk.

Please rise with the locals of this wonderful community against putting such a destructive force right next to such a delicate location. Should opiate-addicted persons need such amenities, there is a location in Colorado Springs and plenty more in Denver that could accommodate their needs.

We are not against Methadone treatment- just against their desire to plant one in downtown Monument. Please don't let them corrupt our town!!!



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