No Longer the G.o.A.T.

Indera Jenkins
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Due to L.L./s shucking/coonery/tomming as demonstrated by his participation in the Brad Paisely song "Accidental Racist: we move to officially revoke his self designated title as the Greatest of All Time. We the undersigned belive you can not be the greatest and be on a song called "Accidental Racist" which defends the confederacy.It is not the job of  people of African descent to make white folks feel better about legacies of enslavement and terrorism of our ancestors. Furthermore the myth of the dangerous black man, which is modernized in the image that L.L. describes in the song, finds it's origin in the Jim Crow south as a means of justifying campaigns of domestic terrorism. There are not enough verses in the world to cover and justify the stains on the Confederate flag.





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