No Lan School outside of school (Frankfurt International School)

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Lan school is a product originally programmed to help in-class learning, with options such as screen sharing and better teacher supervision. It is an opportunity to for teachers to ensure that their students are paying attention throughout the period and, if necessary, controls their computer in order to diminish the distraction coming from other interested programs installed on the computers and/or websites. This is all good, as long as teachers are not able to breach the privacy of their students by looking at their current activities outside of school. The heads of the school have stated several times, that it is not possible to look at the computers ounce they have left the school network, but after contacting lan school, it has been confirmed, that this was not the case. This is unacceptable and therefore all participants in this petition demand, that the Technological Department of the Frankfurt International School gives the students an option to turning lan school on and off in order to ensure their privacy and safety. We no not want to disable a good learning environment at school, but we want to ensure, that we can not be surveyed at any time or location.




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