STOP Garbage by Rail in Seneca Falls

Steve Churchill
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Seneca Meadows Inc., the largest landfill in NYS, is proposing to construct an Industrial Rail Yard at the busiest intersection in Seneca County for the purpose of receiving and staging Garbage by Rail. Consider the following: Trains crossing 414 and North Road may occur in excess of two per hour, causing major disruptions to traffic flow. Increased train crossings could result in delays for first responders putting public safety at risk with potentially deadly consequences. Increased garbage capacity may ultimately result in increased garbage dumping, if not now, in the future. Today, Frank Knight Elementary School lies 1 mile due east and downwind from the landfill, exposing our children’s young lungs to God only knows what hazardous gasses in every breath they take, all year long! Staging odor emitting rail cars even closer to our schools and community is an outrage and unacceptable. Creation of an Industrial Rail Yard east of 414 and off the landfill property will serve as the first step towards expansion of the landfill in the future. Enough is Enough! Seneca Falls and Seneca County has taken more than its share of the Northeast's Garbage. We the undersigned respectfully request that our Town Planners reject this proposal thereby serving to secure and protect the future of our community...



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