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Vote "NO" on dog kennel conditional use application for Adams Shoppes

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We implore Adams Township/Butler County PA officials to deny the Conditional Use application for The Dog Stop kennel (a BK3 license class for 26 "or more" dogs) to operate in Adams Shoppes, Mars PA 16046 as the requirements cannot be met sufficiently with regards to noise, nuisance, waste control and more as outlined in Chapter 192, Article VII, section 192-44 of township ordinance.

Such close proximity to homes for an unlimited quantity dog kennel will be a threat to public health, comfort, general welfare and safety.

The Dog Stop's presentation to the township during the September 9, 2019 public hearing:

1. Confirmed that neither the business nor the township has experience with bringing a kennel so close to an existing housing plan. Allowing such would set a precedent for the transitional overlay zone throughout the township.

2. Promoted a 'retail' use, although their application is for 'kennel' use. Just 17% of the presented floorplan was allotted to retail services.

3. Did not disclose their license class (BK3 ... 26 "or more" dogs at any one time)

4. Confirmed that the 60' x 10' exterior space would be a vinyl fence attached to the concrete building on one side and surrounded by asphalt on the other 3 sides, as it would be situated in the plaza's loading zone. The trucks (delivery, trash, and snowplows) would have to squeeze past their vinyl fence, even after they move a curb (as proposed to the township).

5. Did not include any measurements to nearby residential properties. Some are less than 300' away.

6. Did not include any decibel research. Per calculations offered by the FAA, it has been determined that this 24/7/365 kennel would be heard by those living as far away as 1680', (the echo off the building factor is an unknown).

7. Did not include any visits to the affected neighborhoods to learn just how well/far the CURRENT sounds travel through the hills and valleys near the plaza.

8. Did not provide details for insulating smell or sound from the unlimited number of dogs; only that the landlord would be responsible for such. This landlord has an established, documented, reputation for LACK of maintenance without dogs being involved. This building is constructed of paper thin walls. A 24-hour gym will be on the other side of one of their walls;

9. Did not provide specifics for waste management. This topic was vague and lacking many important details which are currently being researched with authorities.

10. Confirmed that The Dog Stop has not researched all the other locations available to them, which would negatively affect fewer township residents.

Please ask Adams Township authorities to vote "NO" for the above-mentioned Conditional Use application by signing this petition as one of their constituents.


If you've already signed a paper version of this petition (223 signatures were collected in just 36 hours prior to the public hearing!), please do not sign this one.

Research provided to township by concerned residents included: FAA (barking-related decibel count and distance), ASPCA (dog barking), Purdue University (welfare of kenneled dogs), Pennsylvania State Department of Agriculture (confirmed license class and definition).

We welcome this business to the township; but in a more appropriate location

Thank you!

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