No Crocs!

Andrew Schoonover
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The human race has had many strange fashion trends. However, there are some times where it goes too far. I can handle dresses made of garbage and reused army jackets from Vietnam, but crocs are too far. I think Crocs shouldn't be allowed in Hopkins Schools. A Washington Post article described the phenomenon: "Nor is the fashion world enamored of Crocs. Though their maker touts their 'ultra-hip Italian styling,' lots of folks find them hideous."  How much comfort are you willing to trade for actually looking quite foolish? Even Tim Gunn said they look like "plastic hooves." Also, President Bush has been seen publicly wearing crocs before. Also Crocs are dangerous. They're banned in many hospitals around the world and even in some cities for getting caught in mechanisms and for static electricity buildup. Finally, the company that makes crocs has been sued two times. It was once sued for claiming it was 100% recycled when it wasn't, and the second for saying that the material was anti-bacterial when it wasn't. If you want to wear crocs, then that's your buisness. Just do it in your own home so you aren't poisoning the minds of our generation, encouraging them to buy dangerous, ugly, and all around awful shoes.





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