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No Merit For A Bully Civil Rights Suit For George Zimmerman

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On July 13, 2013 George Zimmerman was acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin and found not guilty. It was proven the states prosecutors and the Florida District Attorneys office did not have enough evidence to win a case that should have never made it to trial in the first place. It was a clear case of self defense when Zimmerman was attacked by the 17 year old who was found to have Marijuana in his system at time of death. Martin had made racial slurs about Zimmerman while on the phone with his girlfriend. Zimmerman had never made any racial slurs even when he thought Martin could be up to no good. Martin had been cutting in gangways walking on lawns and milling around near peoples windows out in the pouring rain making him look suspicious. Zimmerman followed him and Martin who was possibly high may have took offense to that and startled Zimmerman in the dark by punching him in the nose and breaking it. He was then attacked and became in fear for his life finally shooting Martin. Now false accusations by haters of the truth are calling for Zimmerman to be charged with a civil rights suit calling him a racist with absolutely no evidence or merit to back it up what so ever. Zimmerman told 911 that Martin acted strange like he was on drugs well before the attack even happened. This was not a case about race until people like Crump, Sharpton, and Jackson began stirring up the pot and starting trouble when there was none. People can not keep blaming race for everything. Zimmerman did follow him however it was from a far with no contact this was not against the law. Martin made a bad choice by attacking Zimmerman which led to his death. The prosecutors and DA failed to prove their case because of lack of evidence and now they go on National TV and make a mockery of the judicial system by indirectly saying the jury who spent weeks of their life on this case was wrong. They spit on the system they supposedly live by what underhanded disgusting cowardly actions by them. They should loose their jobs for slander. They screwed up this case from the beginning and now have to please the hater population by slandering Zimmerman. They need to be fired from their positions immediately.

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