No Changes to Current Firearm or Accessory Legislation

Ryan Taylor
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To all my Minnesotan Friends, 

A ridiculous piece of legislation has been created and submitted. Let's take a stand and stop this non-sense before it gets out of hand. Petition with me to have our voices heard. 

We petition to stop any further legislation on owning/purchasing firearms along with their accessories such as magazines. 

Instead enforce/enhance the laws you currently have. 

The following is acceptable legislation:
1.  Mandatory background checks for all firearm purchases 
2.  Requirement for ANY firearm purchase; Must apply for a permit to purchase to the Sheriff's office(unless the buyer posses a MN Carry Permit -> see current laws if you are unaware of this). 

Taking away rounds in a magazine will not solve any of the current issues, which negates any true effectiveness of this legislation; and to make it illegal for those that currently own should be criminal in itself.

Information for H. F. No. 243 2013 - 2014 Regular Session Short Description: Large-capacity magazine crime established for the manufacture, transfer, or possession of ammunition feeding devices with the capacity to accept more than seven rounds or any conversion kit, part, or combination of parts; terms defined; and criminal penalties provided.

Also, due to Minnesota's criteria for petitions, please include the date and your year of birth in the comments.

Minnesota Rules 8205.1030, subpart 2 states “the person signing the petition shall complete the signature, date, name, year of birth...” The standard practice of the Secretary of State’s Office has been to reject signatures that do not list the year of birth because giving no information does not qualify as completing the signature line.





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