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We Say NO To Your Carbon Tax!

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Attention Justin Trudeau and the Federal government and Premier Rachael Notley and NDP Government: We, the citizens of Canada demand that you rescind your carbon tax!

A carbon tax is nothing more than a political cash-grab that will do nothing to solve the problem of man-made pollution. In fact, combined with your other ideas for the creation of a "greener Canada", this tax grab will only exacerbate the problem. Even more jobs will be lost, leaving even more people ever-more desperate and in dire straits than this current economy has them.

Families and households stand to lose hundreds, even thousands of dollars each year. The cost is not only in tax, but exponential increases to everything as the tax increases are passed on to consumers! Your carbon tax is not revenue-neutral, and each time you claim it is, you lie again to the public!

Total human greenhouse gas contributions add up to about 0.28% of the greenhouse effect.

"The Kyoto Protocol calls for mandatory carbon dioxide reductions of 30% from developed countries. Reducing man-made CO2 emissions this much would have an undetectable effect on climate while having a devastating effect on the economy. Can you drive your car 30% less, reduce your winter heating 30%? Pay 20-50% more for everything from automobiles to zippers? And that is just a down payment, with more sacrifices to come later.

"Such drastic measures, even if imposed equally on all countries around the world, would reduce total human greenhouse contributions from CO2 by about 0.035%.

"This is much less than the natural variability of Earth's climate system!

"While the greenhouse reductions would exact a high human price, in terms of sacrifices to our standard of living, they would yield statistically negligible results in terms of measurable impacts to climate change. There is no expectation that any statistically significant global warming reductions would come from the Kyoto Protocol."

FACT: Canada produces less than 2% of all global human-created emissions of greenhouse gases (1.58% as of 2014). The biggest emitter is the country of China. China's output only 4 years ago was pegged at 24.6% of all human-made output. (Data obtained from a Canadian Government website.)

FACT: If the Governments deliver on its' promises to attempt to go greener, many changes implemented will require equipment that will be manufactured IN China. This will increase global emissions accordingly: Products like windmills will be contracted to a country that has no concern over industrial pollution. China will win contracts based on the FACT it will turn in the lowest bids.

FACT: Carbon Dioxide is actually essential for the natural production of oxygen. All plant life requires CO2 to sustain its existence. All plant life provides oxygen which helps counter greenhouse gases as well as sustaining animal life.

FACT: The planet needs more plant life, not more taxes.

FACT: Water vapor is a major contributor to greenhouse gases and effects, and is 99.999% natural. Human-produced water vapor adds up to 0.001%. Water vapor is ignored by those with an agenda who report to government!

FACT: Methane output by human production totals 18.33% vs natural output of 81.66%

FACT: Man-made N2O output (Nitrous Oxide) is 4.993% vs 95.067%

FACT: Man-made CFC's and other misc. gases are pegged at 65.711% vs natural production of 34.289%. Man-made CFC's need to be eliminated entirely.

FACT: As of 2014, 81% of Carbon Dioxide, 11% Methane, 6% Nitrous Oxide, and 3% Florinated gases (CFC's) make up total "Greenhouse Gas Emissions".

Canada would be better-suited to encourage and assist in the development of "greener" energy, rather than just enacting tax-grabs that will ultimately never go towards the elimination of greenhouse gases!

Any government that wishes to implement carbon taxes should make that known and highlight it during election campaigns, not spring it on citizens after being elected! Ms. Notley, please read up on the French Revolution. Marie Antoinette was told the citizens could not afford bread. She responded by saying "Let them eat cake!" This is analogous to your saying people who want to pay less tax should buy a new vehicle...

No to a Carbon Tax! No to the devastation of our economy!

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**Statistics provided by unbiased sources such as ec.gc.ca, epa.gov, Dr. Wallace Broecker, Dr. Fred Singer, U.S. Department of Energy, IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Program, Dr. Patrick J. Michaels, Dr. Tim Patterson, and many others. All these people/institutions back up all above-listed facts!

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