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No Amnesty Nor Drivers' Licenses For Illegal Immigrants

Christopher Gonzalez
Christopher Gonzalez
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Here are six effects of the Top Ten Worst Effects of Global Warming of the Discovery Channel.

Shrinking Glaciers

(1) Global warming is melting glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica that could eventally flood areas from New York to Bangladesh.

Heat Waves

(2) Extreme heat waves are occurring as much as 4 times more often in just the past 100 years, causing increases in wildfires, heat-related illnesses as well as the earth's rise in temperature.

Storm and Floods

(3) Storms and floods are not only happening more frequently, but the strongest of category 4 and 5 hurricanes have nearly doubled in just the past 30 years. And a steady increase in warm waters has strengthened hurricanes and caused flooding from the US to Britain, costing thousands of lives and billions of dollars in destruction and damage since 1905.


(4) As some parts of the world have been deluged by increasing storms and flooding--other areas have been parched and devastated by drought that may increase by as much as 65 percent, decreasing water and agriculture production and supply, putting populations at risk of starvation.


(5) Warmer temperatures as well as floods and drought cause worldwide health threats by creating perfect breeding areas for mosquitoes, ticks, mice and other disease-carrying creatures. While more than 150,000 people die each year from heart-related and respiratory problems--malaria, allergies and asthma cases are increasing because of increased smog and weed growth.

Economic Consequences

(6) Damage, agriculture losses, loss of income, and money spent to clean, treat and control diseases, cost billions of dollars. And comsumers have to spend even more on soaring costs of energy, food and water.

Thus, alternative fuels and securing the US borders are not only mandatory but vital, especially since pollution causes aging according to And illegal immigrants have already proven that they have done more harm than good. Now if congress does allow illegals to gain citizenship--I can only hope and pray that they will not doom themselves as well as America, knowing illegals deserve only zero tolerance of illegal immigrantion as well as deportation. So please try to stop congress from giving illegal immigrants amnesty by signing this petition as well as others that try to prevent amnesty for illegals.

Furthermore, Jerry Brown must be suicidal, in denial, or craving Latin votes so much that he's willing to risk destroying America and other countries with greenhouse destruction as the California drought and the hurricane-ravaged Phillipines. Thus he's unfit to continue to beCalifornia's governor, because he not only signed a bill that would give illegal immigrants drivers' licenses, but another that does not give police the right to hand them over to ICE as if he wants California and its people to suffer through five or more years of drought so that Californians will lose their homes and have to apply for emergency loans, forcing California to borrow money from the government to keep fighting wild fires so that the nation could plunge farther into debt in a never--ending cycle of devastating, deadly greenhouse effects. So I hope the president and the republicans will settle their differences and do something to oppose or stop illegal immigrants from obtaining drivers' licenses or the police from handing them over to ICE in California and all other states before Browns' crazy laws go into effect, because I swear I will by petitioning @ And I will also send this fax to government officials and the general public through Facebook and Twitter ect, informing the public that the US should stop giving millions to other nations so that it could pay for its own debts and improve its economy. (2)


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  • Anonymous
    Nov 20, 2016
    Nov 20, 2016
    A teachable moment, ILLEGAL ALIEN TERMINOLOGY: The 14th Amendment-
    Illegal alien is the CORRECT TERM, for those who sneak into our country in violation of our immigration laws.
    TO CLARIFY, an ALIEN is any person who is NOT a citizen or natural of the United States. An IMMIGRANT is an alien admitted to the United States as a LAWFUL permanent resident.
    An ILLEGAL ALIEN is someone who enters the United States WITHOUT immigration inspection or WITHOUT an appropriate visa authorizing entry.
    The term illegal immigrant is often used interchangeably with illegal alien. However, the CORRECT TERM for a person entering the United States UNLAWFULLY is ILLEGAL ALIEN.
    The politically-correct phrase UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANT has NO LEGAL BASIS – it is simply a TERM USED by those WHO SUPPORT OPEN BORDERS as an attempt to reframe terminology used in the immigration debate.
    The Fourteen (14) Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is currently MISINTERPRETED to GIVE citizenship to children born in the United States of ILLEGAL ALIEN parents. These children, via their birthright citizenship, act as ANCHOR BABIES and can, upon reaching the age of majority, facilitate bringing their extended family into the U.S. in order to obtain citizenship. Although some experts believe that a Constitutional amendment would be necessary to remedy the misinterpretation, many believe that CONGRESSIONAL ACTION would be SUFFICIENT and is URGENTLY warranted.


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