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NO horse shoyld be a winner to dinner

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No horse should be a winner to dinner Our american horses have carried us through battles,plowed our feilds,served as loyal companions,and now they are being slaughtered for human consumption.The way our horses are slaughtered is just horrible and totally inhumane.we need to stop this. The Sales The horses that are bound for slaughter are bought by "killer buyers". These men or women are doing this strictly for money. The horses are fattened up in crowded feedlots,then they are loaded on DOUBLE-DECKER trucks ment for cattle and pigs. This causes the horses to hold their once majestic heads,in a low and uncomfortable position. The horses are not taken out of these trucks to be fed,watered,rested,or groomed. Many horses die on their journey to slaughter. This is mainly because of malnurishment,slipping on the bloody floor,and being trampled by other horses.this dosnt sound right now does itAlso,these horses are cramped together with many many other horses.This is very ucomfortable for horses,witch we all know are oh so sensetive. The slaughter WHEN THE HORSES ARIVE AT THE SLAUGHTER PLANT, THEY ARE SO WORN DOWN TIRED AND EXHAUSTED FROM THEIR HORRIBLE TRIP, THAT THE MEN HAVE TO LITERALLY PULL THE HORSES OF THE TRUCK AND DRAG THEM INTO THE PLANT. SINCE ALOT OF HORSES DIE ON THE WAY TO SLAUGHTER,THERE ARE MANY DEAD HORSES LYING ON THE TRUCK. THE HORSES ARE HIT ON THE BACKS LEGS AND REAREND WITH FIBERGLASS RODS TO GET THEM INTO THE ASSEMBLY LINE. THE ASSEMBLY LINE IS WHERE THE HORSES WAIT TO BE KILLED. HERE THE HORSES ARE FORCED TO SEE SMELL AND HEAR THEIR FELLOW HORSES BEING SLAUGHTERED IN THE MOST INHUMANE WAY. wHEN ITS THE HORSES TURN TO BE SLAUGHTERED, A WORKER HITS THEM ON THE REAR WITH A PROD THAT GIVES AN ELECTRIC SHOCK TO THE HORSE. THIS IS SO THE HORSE WONT WAIST ANY TIME TO GET INTO THE KILL CHUTE. THE KILL CHUTE IS WHERE THE HORSES ARE KILLED. WHEN THE HORSE GETS INTO THE KILL CHUTE, THEY ARE SO SCARED THAT THEY LOOSE FOTTING ON THE BLOOD SOAKED FLOOR AND TRY TO GAIN IT BACK FRANTICLY. WHEN STREADY,THE HORSES KILLER THEN HITS THE HORSE IN THE HEAD WITH A CAPTIVE BOKT GUN. THIS SENDS A FOUR INCH NAIL THROUGH THE HORSES HEAD. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO KNOCK THE HORSE UNCONSIOUS. WHEN THE HORSE IS SHACKLED BY A HIND LEG AND BLED TO DEATH, MANY AND MAINLY ALL OF THESE ONCE MAJESTIC BEAUTIFUL HORSES ARE STILL CONCIOUS WHEN THEIR DISMEMBERED AND SLAUGHTERED.THIS SLLAUGHTERING NEEDS TO BE STOPED!!!!!CONTACT YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVE AND TELL THEM TO STOP THE SLAUGHTERING OF OUR AMERICAN ICON. LIKE I ALWAYS SAY, NO HORSE SHOULD BE A WINNER TO DINNER! YOURS TRULEY, MEGAN GUZMAN,13 YEARS OLD

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