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Animal abuse is a growing crime, and awful, unnecessary deaths have been caused by the abusers. I've heard awful stories of recent animal abuse such as cats being burned! Im going to list a number of things we can do to help stop animal abuse: 1- One step would be to check everyone’s history for animal abuse when they try to adopt pets. 2- Another step could be to try to get more people to spay or neuter their pets to ensure that the animal population doesn’t skyrocket. 3- Make the punishments severity heighten to ensure that the same crime, even though there being checked, isn’t repeated. I am going to send this petition for helping stop animal abuse, making animal abuse punishments harsher, and to propose ideas to help do this. Also, if you are against animal experimentation, then check out my petition on this website against Huntingdon life sciences. This petition will be sent to the ASPCA so that they can send it to the correct group, to help make animal abuse crimes have more severe consequences. Im thankful for every last signiture that I recive.


I, myself am sponsering my petition until I have permision from groups I am checking out.





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