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NL Classifieds, please adopt a policy to NOT publish stud dog ads!

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If you are concerned about backyard breeding in NL then sign this petition requesting that NL Classifieds adopt a no stud dog and "play dates" ad policy. Online classifieds competitor Kijiji has a strict policy against such ads, just report the ad and it is removed. NL Classifieds personally reviews every ad they publish so they ARE APPROVING these ads for publication online. Maybe they will pay attention to a lot of signatures!

No RESPONSIBLE breeder of CKC registered purebred dogs looks for or advertises for stud service in online classifieds. They spend $600+ on pre-breeding tests (hip xrays, eye exams, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) test, thyroid test, Von Willibrandts test, etc. They spend about $1500 in shipping fees to send their female to the stud dog or about half of that to ship semen to NL. Then there is the $1000 - 20000 stud fee. Not to mention the female was purchased originally for $1000 - 20000, along with the usual pet maintenance costs of food, grooming supplies, and vet care.

The only people using NL Clasifieds for stud service ads are backyard breeders looking to make a quick profit off unregistered puppies or owners looking for a quick buck by mating their male.

So PLEASE sign the petition requesting that NL Classifieds adopt a policy of NOT PERMITTING STUD DOG/PLAY DATE ADS.

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