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Nintendo to Return Content ID Claims Back to Youtube Let's Players

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Recently, Nintendo made a move that was very much legal to do Content ID claims on Youtube that had videos of 10 minutes or more claimed for their copyright and monetization. Again, I am saying that this is a completely legal move for Nintendo to make, that is not the problem here and will not be the issue for which this petition was made. I do think that Nintendo should withdraw from this course of action however, and I will give the best detailed thoughts that I can on the matter.

There are many people on youtube as gamers who do "Let's Play" videos. They can be for the most part be considered video walkthroughs of different video games. Lots of people who do these particular types of videos earn ad revenue from them on youtube. With the Content ID claim that Nintendo has very broadly used, it affects a lot of people. It more specifically hurt people who do "Let's Play" videos for Nintendo games.

Now, as I have said, it is legal for them to do so because the games they are matching with Content ID are their Intellectual Properties. I do not believe that they are going after games that have been developed by other companies which happen to be on their console. And it only seems that they are matching games that have been recently released at the moment.

However, I don't believe that this particular action was very well thought out. And as a fan of Nintendo's various franchises, I wouldn't want to see them lose their fans. And this action has stirred a hornets nest that is ready to burst. This will only harden more people against Nintendo and in turn, make more people not want to purchase their products.

While the Content ID match is a very legal move for Nintendo, it isn't as much a logical one. Many Let's Players make money off of their videos and have a followers based on their ability to entertain, and inform others while they play and showcase various video games with a generally honest opinion. Some dedicate themselves to specific companies and/or franchises because of how much they love and appreciate the work of the people who produce them. These people spend their time and money investing in the company and games that they care for, and share theirs feelings with the world through videos. Taking the possible ad revenue from them only limits their ability to support the franchises that they care for so much.

I will do my best to weigh both the positives and negatives of this action by Nintendo, as well as give my suggestions to move forward.

Positives for Nintendo:
- Ad revenue
- Their ads on videos
- Videos stay up and can still be viewed
- Completely legal
- No Youtube accounts get shut down

Negatives for Nintendo:
- Angry fans
- Possible loss of revenue from games
- No more/Less videos by fans featuring Nintendo content
- Loyal fans move to other platforms
- Being viewed as a "Greedy Company"
- People remove their own Youtube videos featuring Nintendo content/drop in ad revenue
- More bias against Nintendo products

These were probably the best logical reasons to highlight, as there are many. Being a person who has played video games for all of my conscious life, I can say that I don't think Nintendo has any ill-will towards gamers. I do believe they simply want their works to be known as their property and to gain revenue from it. Which they should. I do also see that a great many Let's Players invest a lot of their own money into what they do, for recording equipment and software, and for the games they play and love. They also put in a lot of hours working on and editing the videos they make in order to be as entertaining as possible. The best possible advertisement for any game or company is from their most loyal fans.

Now my proposal is this, that Nintendo remove the Content ID match and relinquish the ad revenue back to the people who made the videos. But they should also partner with Let's Players and put their ads on the videos that feature Nintendo's own copyrighted material. This way, there is more information being given on their products and merchandise, the Let's Players are happy and will still support them, and they don't lose their fan base that is so devoted to them. If you agree with this, please sign this petition so that we can show Nintendo that we're not against them, but we don't believe they made the right choice.

For those who sign, please be sure to share this petition as well, thank you very much.


Nintendo has removed copyright claims on Let's Play's (or is working on it). So this petition is now void.


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